The Lost symbol By Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol

The Lost symbol is a perfect example of ‘How to end a really nice plot in worst possible way’. Storyline started very well at one point of time It was difficult to put down the book but towards the end it felt like completely waste of time.

Story starts when Robert Langdon receives a call from his friend Peter Solomon’s assistant regarding a lecture in US Capitol building. Once he is in Capitol building he finds out that invitation is not from his friend but from his friend’s kidnapper. Afterwards Peter’s severed hand is found at the centre of Capitol Rotunda.

It raises more questions than answers when CIA director Inoue Sato appears at the same time in US Capitol building. Peter had given Robert a capstone of Pyramid and Robert feels it’s his responsibility to keep its secret safe but there is a tattooed kidnapper who wants to uncover secret of Masonic Pyramid. There are interesting references to melancholia I and Masonic society and their secrets, in fact whole book revolves around Masonic secrets. Katherine Solomon who is Peter Solomon’s sister, helps Robert in his quest to save his friend & keep Masonic secrets safe but her character is not as effective as Sophia and Vittoria as in his previous novels.

And once story comes closer to its end it becomes very slow and boring.

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