The Little Price- Book review

*’The Little Price” is a book written by  French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Initialy written in french it got transalated in more than 190 languages and sold more than 200 million copies making it one of the best-selling books ever (Courtesy Wikipedia  🙂 ).

I came across this book while browsing through internet and it looked interesting to me so i downloaded pdf from internet to read this one. (Its available on this link ). Its something around 78 pages book and can be read in one sitting, but you need to spend more time to really understand what it means.  I read some portion of the book twice or even trice.

Book looks like a children’s book but i don’t believe so. The book tells much more than a simple story. It’s a story of a guy, when he was a child he liked drawing (Like mots of children ) but was discouraged by grown ups ( Like most of the grown ups 😉 ). that guy leaves his liking for drawing and takes up aviation as his career. when he grow up ( and become one of the grown ups )  while flying over Sahara desert , He crashes and then that is where he meet the little price and the real story begins here. I wont go into the plot and ruin your fun, all i can say is this books is worth reading and more than reading its worth thinking about. Author has mentioned lots of fasts about life and grown ups indirectly and very intelligently.

There is one line is the last chapter of this book

“Look up at the sky. Ask yourselves: is it yes or no? Has the sheep eaten the flower? And you will see how everything changes . . .”

It says a lot and you will understand what it says only when you read the book.

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