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First time since lot of days( or may be months…)  I got up at 7:00 and I had a plan in mind to go to some place without letting anyone know.Why? very recently I have completed reading a marathi novel ‘Sambhaji’ by renowned author Vishwas Patil and after reading it I cant stop myself from visiting tulapur and Vadu budruk.
What is this novel all about and whats importance of these places? Sambhaji Maharaj was second Chhatrapati of Last Hindu Empire of India and Tulapur is the place where he was brutally murdered by Mughal king Aurangejeb and Vadu budruk is tha place where Sambhaji Maharaj was cremated. I did not let anyone know because i wanted to visit this place all by myself.
I started from home by 10:00 after purchasing shares of RCOM anf ONGC before budget session and started my journey ( i wanted to purchase good camera from the share market profit ….). yesterday night only i have decided my route to go these place, its 30-40 KM from my home and there were three routes two highways and one ordinary road which goes through fields (I thought it must be in bad condition and yes it was) I decided to use third route because i wanted to explore the place and its nice to go by route where you don’t know where you are heading, no sign boards and empty road. Sometimes when you doubt if this is route or I am just moving in any direction…
I stared from Mumbai Pune highways and took left from Nashik phata, followed the same rout till I reach Bosri, here we need to take  right for the way which takes us to Aalandi, if one follow the same route it will be route number 1 you but as i wanted to go truogh contryside i took  right turn in between where i wasn’t sure if its right(?) or not. My map was showing its somewhere there but my google maps wasn’t working properly ( Thanks to TATA DoCOMO) but i thought this road is big enough if it’s not correct it must be meeting the correct road. ( lol) after going though few fields and few villages i realised that country side is not as  much sight-seeing as i expected as it wasn’t rainy season and small hills which i could see around were all grey. and it was almost 12:00 and i was on the road where there was nobody to ask direction and it as hot as in summer in Pune. But this wasn’t worrying situation as i had enough petrol in my bike to go back complete route if i was on wrong path i was safe unless some robber comes into picture. After going through ‘NO MANs LAND’ some time i reach some village I decided to ask the route to an old man ( As he must have wandered much more than any other young person in that place ) “Ajoba ha rasta dhanori la jato ka ?” and he replied in genuin rural langaage ” hitane saral ja and veshi pasun ujavya angala val …”
I followed the ways showed to me, I was travelling with the speed of not more than 20 km/hr… yes i chose the third ways and thats how it was, I didn’t mind the speed but was just hoping my bike won’t get punchured as there wasn’t a single mechanic in 10-15 km which I traveled and surely I didn’t wanted to walk this much with punchured bike with me. I asked the route to one more guys just to make sure i am on right path. he said  ” there are two ways to dhanore one is get left from here and other is go straight, but the left route goes through river and water is 1-2 feet only  so you can ride bike throught that easily and other route goes on small dam and route is on the wall of dam” i said ” But the map shoes there is bridge on the river?’. ” No it’s not a bridge its small wall of dam,” I was ready to back track all my path then he said ” don’t worry two-wheeler can easily go on it.  Well on highway i can drive my bike in straight line for 100 km without deviating from line (well OK i am bluffing..) but when u ride it on dam wall where there is very deep water on one side and steep depth on other you heart does feel something of it…..
I decided at least go near dam and then decide if i shall go over it or not.
When I reach the small dam i was relieved as dam was small but these was no one near it. I switched off my bike. road was wide enough for me ride bike on it but I can see it wasn’t in good condition there were lots of potholes on it. If any time your bike slips you are into the water with your bike on you, i was thinking shall i or shall i not…. at theat moment I saw two 2 wheelers coming from oppsite side quit comfortably, looked like it was their daily road but it wasn’t the same for me. …
But I didn’t want to go back all the way to highway so I cheered myself up and decided to “GO FOR IT” but slowly. as is started slowly on it I realised there is lot more potholes than i tought and lots of the big enough to make your bike slip.  as i reached midway 3 women started coming from opposite direction. there wasn’t room for all of us on the wall so as  the came closer I had to stop and let them go. but by this time I was feeling comfortable I wasn’t that much bad rider as i thought… 🙂 once i pass this hurdle there was same bad road for few more KM’s after which i again reached the highway . i took a stop to take a look at my map , it wasn’t clear enough but it looked like right is the right direction and after few kilometers i will reach big bridge and there will be My destination.
I was riding bike on highway almost after 2 hours and after all bad roads through which i travelled i could not stop from driving faster ( i could attain maximum of 70 only… well i was on Passion and not on Yamaha fz or pulser!!!).
@ Tulapur.
Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj
I parked my bike on the gate of Sangameshwar temple. Temple is having kind of old structure and its in well maintained condition. There you can see a statue of Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj, I could not stop ckicking some pics form my Sony ericsson. From there you can see two big rivers meeting each other and then there was and old stone structure where Sambhaji Maharaj was brutally executed….. The thought of that made me so sad  and i started walking towards  the that stone door.
History says Name of tulapur was Nagargaon but there was tula of some gr8 maratha sardar by shahu maharaj after which its name was changed o Tulapur.
I was wondering what kind of situation that would be where 5 lack mughal solders were around thoese tiny villages and shambhu maharaj was in there jail…..
i wish i was at that time and i wouldn’t have mind getting killed while fighting for Shambhu Maharaj……
This place tells one of the sadest story of maratha empire other being Panipat. i thought i would stay longer there but i could not stand all those thought and images of it and decided to go to vady budruk to pay my respect to the chatrapati sambhu maharaj
from Tulapur continue the same highway this will meet to Pune Ahamadnagar Highway take left here after once you cross bhima you will reach Koregaon -Bhima Take first left and you are all set to Vadu-Budruk
@vadhu- Budruk
Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj samadhi
Brave people of vadhu collected body parts of shambhu maharaj and completed all th rituals as per Hindu rituals defying Aurangjeb who has ordered nobody should touch shambhu maharaj ( he wasn’t just killed by Auragjeb but was brutally insulted by Mughals even after death. His body was cut into number of pieces and those were thrown into Bhima river….)
Such was the brave son of Shivaji Maharaj who fought with Aurengajeb for 8 years with force which was one-fourth of Mughal force. He fought to protect the empire created by his father, he gave up his life but did not accept any terms and conditions of Mughals. If it wasn’t for treachery but his own people history could have been much different.
But wasn’t an end to Maratha empire as expected but in fact beginning of it, Maraths fought harder after this and Mughals went mad because they could not see empire falling even after death of its King.
Aurajgajeb came to end maratha empire but sows the seeds of end of Mughal empire and aurangjeb himself was buried in Maharashtra…

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