Morning Hike to Baner and Pashan Hills

We had started visiting trekking and hiking places near to Pune,.We have covered Parvati and Ghorwadeshwar (Multiple times) . We were thinking about hiking in some new places. Sanjib suggested Baner Hills and Pashan Hills could be next two choices. Considering both hills are adjoining and its not a big hike, we decided to do those hills in one go.

There are multiple ways to start this hike, you can find more details here. We decided to start from Baner side. Baner side, Roads are narrow but since these hills does not get as many visitors as Parvati, its not an issue and you can secure parking very easily.

Hike started from a narrow lane and we could see Shri Baneshwar Mandir at the foothhold of the hills.



Shir Baneshwar Mandir, Baner Hills

From here there are  stairways to go to Tukai Mata mandir.

Tukai Mata Mandir, Baner Pashan Hills

From Tukai Mata mandir, actual hike starts. If you reach at sun rise you can get amazing clicks from the top

From top of the hills, you can see the Baner and Pashan suburbs skyline.

Pictures from top

There are lot of Birds in these hills and you would need DSLR camera with zoom capable lens to take good pictures.

Birds at Baner Pashan Hill

There is a pumping station on top of Baner Pashan Hills

We hiked till we reached to other end of the pashan hills. Its Near to Sus road. One way waling distance is 4.4 kms and since we took lot of stops to see the place and to take photos, it took us one hour. Swanil and his daughter Saurabhi joined us at the Pashan road entry point and we started our reverse Journey.

Return journey was good but since it was almost 9:30-10 AM and sun was up, it was not as soothing as when we started in the morning. We reached to Baner side of the hills at 10:30 AM.

Four of us, on top of Baner Pashan Hills

Overall, this is a great place for a weekend hike, you can visit it with you kids and they will love the scenery, birds and more importantly, they can volunteer for watering the plants.

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