Ghorwadeshwar temple and Caves

Generally we plan events at least a 4-5 days in advance so that everyone is able to arrange personal things accordingly but Ghorawadeshwar was a last minute plan. Nothing was scheduled on Sunday, I called swapnil to check if he is ready. He is always ready for trekking. We checked with few other guys but everyone has something or other planned still we decided to go ahead with the plan.

How to Reach:

Below map will help you identify the location of the Ghorwadeshwar. The caves are located just before Somantne phata toll plaza., There is huge Ganapati statue as well. If you see Ganapati statue or see toll naka, you have come way ahead.


How to Reach to Temple:

There are two main routes to the top.

First one directly takes you to the top of the hill. There is marked trail, you can follow it.

Second path is having stairs.  This route has first stop at cave temple.

Ganesh temple as viewed on the way

View on the way

From First patch, there are again two ways to reach top. First is right in front of you, when you reach first patch and second is from the cave template.

The second route is not easy and if you have kids with you, you better avoid it. Also, its risky during rainy reason.

Notification by ASI

When you reach first patch, you will see some caves like below

First Shiva temple

some more caves. Follow the arrow shown in the picture below and it will lead you to another route to top of the hill. This is tricky patch and most of the people avoid it. I fact, I did not use this for first 6-7 times when I visited Ghorwadeshwar. (There are people who visit Ghorwadeshwar on weekly basis)

Caves on Ghorwadeshwar
Caves on Ghorwadeshwar

Tricky patch ahead

Tricky patch Ghorwadeshwar
Tricky patch Ghorwadeshwar
Tricky patch Ghorwadeshwar
Tricky patch Ghorwadeshwar

There is second Shiva temple after this second tricky patch.

Second Shiva Temple @ Ghorwadeshwar
Second Shiva Temple @ Ghorwadeshwar

View on the way to top

Once you reach top, you are greeted with fresh air. If you go during rainy season or few months after it, you will see lush green gras on top of hill. You can site here and see pleasant views, see sun rise and even see MCA cricket stadium as well.

Cows and Bulls at the top Ghorwadeshwar
Cows and Bulls at the top


This is a nice short trip. Preferable, you short start ascent between 6 to 6:30 and you will complete this by 8:30 to 9.  This is not very far from city and its a short hike so you don’t have any excuse for not doing it

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