First rain of the season…..

1st June It was normal summer day…. though June is officially rainy season month, there was nothing related to rain in the morning. I got up at my normal waking time ( i.e.  9:30 that’s the normal wake up time for normal s/w guys. Although office is supposed to be from 9 AM to 6 PM, No s/w engg will ever be out of his office by 6 PM unless you are a girl 😉 . In fact lot of time actual work starts something around 6 when onshore counterparts & Clients come online and then offshore guys finds out that “oh God, I have done nothing for whole day, where did I wasted my time ( P.S. Time spent on coffee, TT, Facebook are never into this category )”  Main purpose of telling all this story is that I used   🙁  to work in general shift like normal human being but then slowly as you get experience you starts get more and more work which leads to spending more time in office in the evening and going late to office next day and slowly without anybody getting noticed you start working in afternoon shift and that is when morning becomes dawn and afternoon becomes morning. This is what the case with me now a days but there is brighter side to it  (of course its related to money 😉 ) You get extra allowances for this and cab will come to your doorstep to pick you up…..)

After having my breakfast and surfing for sometime I started reading  a book “Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand { This is longest ( > 1000 pages ! ) and toughest ( ya I did not understand even single line of John Galt’s Radio speech), After awhile as I was about to get up for lunch I heard some noise, it was surely something like lightning sound, but as I looked past my window I could see bright sunlight ( I thought whats happening to me, am I imagining the sound, or it is like John Galt’s philosophy is eating my head ) I ignored it and started reading till my mother was arranging lunch for me.. then I heard it again, now this time I was not my imagination but still there was bright sunlight outside, I ran to balcony from there I could see whole sky was getting darker from all side and the sunlight was there because there was big hole in the clouds and sun was pouring heat from that…. wind was getting mad and mad, I was sure, in very less time whole sky would be black and it will start raining. I stood in the balcony for some more time, as I heard my mother’s voice calling for lunch, I went in to have lunch.

There was still more than an hour for cab to arrive at my home, so I was standing in the balcony enjoying the atmosphere, surely it was a day worth going for trekking and not to office. I hate to work when its raining outside, Rainy season is always my favorite. It was completely cloudy outside now , sun was hidden behind the clouds by now and wind was going mad. I couldn’t just stand in there, balcony is not the place to be in the moments like that…. I was missing all my school buddies, we use to go to ground and use to play just anything in the moments like these…… when I was is school I used to jealous of working people those not having to study and only thing they need to do is to go to office( I never thought what they do in office, It was just going in the morning and coming in the evening) and now I was feeling jealous for those having to study and going to school, I decided to get ready and to wait for cab at downstairs. ( Cab driver was surely about to get heart-attack every time he had waited me to come down and today he would have expected more delay because of probable rain but instead of this I went down almost half and hour early ! )

I was standing the in mad wind, it still was not raining but whole atmosphere has got changed completely within an hour or so. I could see lightning in the distance and the sound of it. “oh, man, What an awesome weather and I hated myself going to office today”. I thought, I still can take sick leave or something and can get off today…..

It was already raining in nearby as there was smell of soil, of first rain… and suddenly big drops of water started pouring and then….. my phone rang, it was cab driver. he was at few meters distance. It was raining heavily now and I did not have umbrella or raincoat ( Even if I had I wouldn’t have used it). I walked to the cab slowly and enjoying the sudden downpour.

As cab started towards the office. I could see rain has caught lot of people unprepared. I saw many of them standing under trees, in the roof of stores or any place they can get. Few of them looking at rain in irritation as its their biggest enemy whose has caught them when they did not have any weapon to fight their enemy, few of other people smiling looking at rain, even stretching their hands out to feel the rain……these are the people who wanted to dance in rain removing their shirts and running in the rain, playing the football but these were not having courage to do that, thinking what others will think about us, I felt sorry for them and suddenly I felt shocked, I was one of them 🙁 . I was sitting in the AC car going into office but what it was that I wanted to do ?

Rest of the people, the children, the lucky one were not standing under any roof, those were dancing in the rains, running on the roads  as they have reclaimed their roads as their playgrounds. ….

I wanted to stop the AC, take down the windows or car and at least see through the windows, the first rains the season. But as I looked away from the window to driver I realized other two co-passenger might like this idea, One was sleeping and other was reading some kind of book, none of them glancing at the window….. oh god how can they miss the first rain. I again looked through windows It was raining more harder now, it was thunderstorm…..

As we were coming closer to office, thunderstorm was gone and it was drizzling now… I asked cab driver to stop the cab few meters away telling I have some work there. I decided to walk this distance…… there was some chilliness in wind, there was smell of soil in the air. This was the ideal time to play football on the muddy ground even thought you don’t know all the rules and there I was going to office…..

I walked quietly in the office, I was almost drenched when I entered office. Lots of them came to know it was raining outside only after looking at me. Few of them felt sorry for me but they didn’t know much happy I was for getting drenched in the first rain…. and I am happy to say few of them were jealous of me as I got to get drenched in the first rain but they could not……

After getting somewhat dry, I logged on to my computer and was checking my emails, I was looking at me emails, by my mind was running to my memories of rains when I was in school and in college…..

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