“The Kite Runner”

I was bored of reading novels having US president, or some big US corporation or some CIA agent turned killer but still having human side and then I came across the book “The Kite Runner”. I decided to read it without reading the review, only thing I knew is it’s a kind of good book and to tell you the truth it blew me completely.

This is now one of the best novels I ever read.

I have read many novels but none of these were irresistible as “The kite runner”. I started reading it like 20-30 pages few days and was planning to finish it in two weeks ( as I am in middle of CAT prep can’t offered to lose my focus 😉 ) but as I got into the story, I could not keep the book down and read last 80 % of novel in two days. This is first novel by “Khaled Hosseini”. He has written such an amazing story. The novel is amazing not only because of its plot by when you go on reading all the dots get connected in a way that no other novel I read did. (If you are into reading fiction you will understand what do I mean here..)

Well, it’s a story which happened in Afghanistan, Pakistan and America, it spans over four decades and covers Afghanistan under monarchy, soviet rule, Taliban and small part of time when America bombarded Afghanistan. It’s a story of two friends, at the beginning you may think its the same old story , two friends one rich other poor and all that stuff but just hang on, there is more to it than just that. The most amazing part of story is when one of the boys (I wont tell which one and why) backtrack his childhood city (?) of Kabul

The other reason why this novel stands out is because it makes you emotionally involve into the novel (P.S. I am not at all emotional person, you ask any of my friends. But while reading the Novel you feel it as if you are Amir….. I am resisting here to mentioned at least few details about plot and which part of novel I like the most…)

And if you are going to reading the this book don’t read any review or anything about it, trust me on this, as it may spoil some fun…..

Just get this book and start reading

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